iMatrix for Devices

iMatrix platform provides a set of tools for developers to take their ideas from the whiteboard, through prototype and into production quickly and easily.

The first part of the iMatrix system is the IoT Device. These products will sense can control all aspects of machine to machine (M2M) experience.

To help developers Sierra Telecom has partnered with Cypress Semiconductor and Inventek Systems to provide a very flexible set of base platforms. All of the Inventek Systems modules using Cypress WICED solutions are supported by the iMatrix system.

Inventek Systems has taken the code Cypress Semiconductor modules and made them into easy to use low cost systems that also have handy evaluation modules for prototyping. Sierra Telecom has taken these modules and add real world functionality to allow them to instantly become part of the iMatrix IoT world.

The process starts by configuring an IoT Hardware Platform on the iMatrix Web System. During this process, you select from a range of base evaluation platforms and then add the sensors that you need. This process will create a full software kit to use to download directly to the hardware. You can then use the WICED SDK to finalize the system configuration, then build and download the executable code to the chosen evaluation module. Wire up the selected sensor packages to the interfaces and the system is up and running. We supply all the drivers and middleware code to link to iMatrix. This includes critical protocol layers, support for automatic serialization during manufacturing and even a dedicated Over the Air (OTA) software update service for you company’s products.

With the software now loaded on the hardware you can easily provision it using the iMatrix Mobile App. This will configure the device for the local environment and provide it with credentials to gain access to your developer account. Using the iMatrix Online System you monitor and control the device in the cloud. This includes controlling alerts for sensors that may detect alarm conditions.