iMatrix for Mobile Devices

iMatrix platform provides a set of tools for developers to take their ideas from the whiteboard, through prototype and into production quickly and easily.

A key part of deploying IoT devices is the provisioning aspect. The iMatrix Online System supports two distinct provision methods. The first designed for ad hoc and small installations. The second is designed for wide structured IoT device deployment.

Sierra Telecom provides custom mobile applications to developers, that are easy to customize for your organization, that manage the provision process. Simply install the mobile application on your device and connect to your iMatrix account. The connection process will ensure that your IoT devices are synchronized with the iMatrix online system.

Ad hoc IoT Deployment

Ad hoc deployments are design where the structure of the network that the IoT devices are connecting to it unknown. During this provision phase the user will use their mobile device running the iMatrix application to scan the QR Code, or enter manually enter the details about the IoT Device. Once entered the App will scan for the new IoT Device and provision it with correct credentials to connect using the local Wi Fi network to your iMatrix Cloud system.

Structured IoT Deployment

With a structured IoT Deployment Wi Fi SSID security details are set up using the iMatrix Online System and these details are automatically downloaded to the iMatrix mobile application. Generally, a user will have created sites, buildings and logical groups for the IoT devices they are about to deploy. As the user provisions, each unit they are automatically assign connection credentials and located on maps or floorplans according to the created configuration.

The iMatrix mobile application provides an efficient mechanism to aid in the rapid provisioning of IoT devices securely in the field.